Filtering at CFP2009

On Tuesday, June 2, at the Computers Freedom and Privacy 2009 conference, I’m on a great panel on Internet filtering, and would be delighted to have Info/Law readers come to listen and discuss. CFP is at the Marvin Center at George Washington University; our panel, “Censorship: Can the Internet Still Route Around the Damage?,” is […]

Open Source and Cloud Computing

My friend and former Berkman co-worker Aaron Williamson, who is a lawyer at the Software Freedom Law Center, was kind enough to talk with my Internet Law class about how open source works in a cloud computing environment. Aaron was good enough to let me post my notes on his talk – with fervent apologies […]

Talking Open Source in Cincinnati

I’ll be speaking on Monday at the Cincinnati Intellectual Property Law Association‘s first annual seminar on the open source phenomenon (with a current focus on open source software that I hope will begin to abate in future iterations of the seminar). More important, I’ll be avidly listening: there are some dynamite speakers and topics on […]

Ping: The Inside Story

Ping (along with traceroute and nslookup) is one of the most basic, useful, and frequently-employed network tools I’m familiar with. In poking around for a coherent explanation of what Ping is, I found this terrific history from Ping’s creator, Michael Muuss. I love it for the same reason that I love The Cathedral and The […]

Best Practices for Law Review Authors?

As UC‘s only Copyright specialist, I field a lot of questions from my faculty colleagues each year involving what they can and can’t do in class (things like, “can I hand out this clipping from today’s paper?”) Usually, my answer is simple: “yes, fair use. That will be $32,500, please.” Twice a year, though, during […]

No On-line Gambling for You, Minnesotans

Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety has instructed the state’s ISPs to block access by state residents to a list of gambling sites, claiming authority under the Wire Act (18 U.S.C. 1084). The Department’s theory is that 1) gambling is illegal in Minnesota, and 2) the Wire Act requires common carriers to stop furnishing services to […]

The Downturn’s Worst Effects

Mark Levy always got to the office before me—or anyone else, for that matter.  For most of my ten years in private practice with the D.C.-based global behemoth now known simply as Howrey, Mark co-chaired the Supreme Court and Appellate Litigation Practice Group. (Mark’s co-chair, Jerry Ganzfried, was a fellow Yalie and, also like Mark, […]

Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

Update: Ben Sheffner has a great post over at Copyrights & Campaigns on this issue. Evidently it wasn’t a DMCA take-down; rather, YouTube’s audio fingerprinting system automatically flagged the work and, following Warner’s settings, removed it. Evidently the poster can fill out an on-line form to protest and, in this case, the video’s been restored. […]