On Corporate Compliance

My colleague and friend Miriam Baer has posted her latest piece, Governing Corporate Compliance (soon to appear in the Boston College Law Review), on SSRN. Here’s the abstract: In light of the financial meltdown of 2008, it is reasonable to question whether the prior decade‚Äôs emphasis on corporate compliance – the internal programs that corporations […]

Civ Pro / Fed Courts Blog

My colleague and friend Robin Effron, along with Adam Steinman (a colleague of Tim’s) and Cynthia Fountaine of Texas Wesleyan, has launched the Civil Procedure & Federal Courts Blog. Not only is Robin an expert on civ pro, but she also has the only set of major philosopher action figures I’ve ever seen… Update: The […]

FCC to Propose Net Neutrality Rules

New FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski threw down the network neutrality gauntlet in a speech today [PDF] [HTML] at the Brookings Institution, announcing his intention to start a formal process that would result in adoption of binding regulations. [There is good news and blog coverage from AP, Wired, and Washington Post.] His proposal would turn the […]

Ellen’s Dances: Infringing?

Reuters reports that he major record labels have sued the producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show because they do not secure copyright permission to play the songs when Ellen dances around like a goof (and sometimes her guests do too). I draw three lessons: 1. When someone accuses you of infringement and asks why you […]

Social Marketing Article Published

From blog post to journal article! I am pleased to report that the new issue of the University of Illinois Law Review includes my article, Disclosure, Endorsement, and Identity in Social Marketing. The ideas for the article began in posts on this blog, starting here and continuing here. Here’s the full abstract of the new […]

Judge Issues Lori Drew Opinion

This isn’t exactly fast-breaking news, but since I wrote a long post last year about the Lori Drew case and then noted the judge’s decision to rescind her conviction, I wanted to point out that the judge has now issued a written opinion explaining his reasoning. Eric Goldman has some cogent analysis. Like Eric, I […]