Bilski: What Now?

The Supreme Court has finally (finally!) issued its opinion in In Re Bilski. The short version: business method patents are OK, but not Bilski’s; the “machine or transformation” test pushed by the Federal Circuit is helpful, but not exclusive, in determining patentability; and piecing together the “majority” opinion is like solving Rubik’s cube. I think […]

Cybersecurity and Information Law

Today, I moderated a panel at the Cybersecurity Workshop at Central European University on the role that information law will play in cybersecurity. (Thanks to Kate Coyer, Stefaan Verhulst, Monroe Price, and Roxana Radu for inviting me!) Here’s basically what I said: Cybersecurity may be the issue that leads states to re-fight the old battle […]

Thinking Cybersecurity in Budapest

I’m attending the Cybersecurity Workshop at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. The workshop seeks to help researchers set an agenda for studying cybersecurity policy and issues. Tomorrow, I’m moderating a panel on the role that information law plays in cybersecurity, and I’ll post a precis of my talk here afterwards. There’s a great mix […]

Android and the Perils of Open Source

Over at Tim Bray’s Android Developers Blog, there is a fascinating post by Dan Morrill, the Open Source & Compatibility Program Manager for Android. (“Program Manager” is tech-speak; it generally means someone who tries to make sure that the trains run on time and that a given program / project stays on track to meeting […]