Palin v. Gawker: Governor Should Win, But We All Lose

I posted an article this morning in Capital New York unpacking the copyright dispute between Gawker and HarperCollins, publisher of Sarah Palin’s new book. Gawker posted digital images of 21 pages from the book last week, before its publication date (Tuesday). The publisher sued (complaint available from Marty Schwimmer here), and won a temporary restraining […]

Standing Up to COICA

Temple law professor and cyberlaw guru David Post is leading the charge (by academics, at least) to oppose draft legislation titled “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act.” I’ve signed on to the letter he’s drafted as I think that COICA is 1) a terrible idea and 2) blatantly unconstitutional. It’s another example of IP exceptionalism […]

Bashing Bosses on Facebook

Our own Bill McGeveran discusses how labor law, and corporate culture, will be reshaped by the advent of social media in today’s New York Times “Room for Debate.” And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go delete some Facebook posts.

International Trade and the Great Firewall

The ABA Journal has a fun article on using the World Trade Organization as a means to challenge China’s Internet censorship regime. I post this partly out of professional interest and partly out of ego (I’m quoted). Props to Tim Wu, whose article on this generated the whole idea…