Saturday Night Live has a great skit on Julian Assange. Any bit that includes the phrase “good-natured birds” has to be awesome, and it is. (Hat tip: Jen Schwartz, who knows her cybersecurity.)

Copyright Trolling and Copy-Cluelessness

Slashdot links to coverage of another lawsuit by copyright troll Righthaven – this time, against the Drudge Report. Reading Slashdot discussions of copyright law actively impairs my mental equilibrium, as they tend to have the same level of accuracy as forwarded chain letters. (Bill Gates wants to send me to Disneyland!) The flaw in this […]

U.S. Gets In on Censorship Action

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the Department of Homeland Security, has seized 82 domain names that it contends are responsible for facilitating IP infringement (and perhaps infringing themselves). The seizures have prompted some outrage, and some head-scratching. The head-scratching has been by lawyers (and normal people) trying to figure out the […]