Lifehacker on Ubiquitous Infringement

Lifehacker‘s Adam Dachis has a great article on how users can deal with a world in which they infringe copyright constantly, both deliberately and inadvertently. (Disclaimer alert: I talked with Adam about the piece.) It’s a practical guide to a strict liability regime – no intent / knowledge requirement for direct infringement – that operates not as a coherent body of law, but as a series of reified bargains among stakeholders. And props to Adam for the Downfall reference! I couldn’t get by without the mockery of the iPhone or SOPA that it makes possible…

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One Response to “Lifehacker on Ubiquitous Infringement”

  1. I am confused on this article in Lifehacker, which i read regularly. What about parody use and Jon Stewart? Why is he allowed to “mix-tape” and derive clips and show them on National TV if others are not? What area does he slide under safely? Not to pick on Stewart, who I have met and is very nice…. I ask for myself as I make derivative videos (always my music) and post them. Please examine my YouTube video, “Jeremy Lin schools Kobe” and tell me what you think? Is this “legal”? Thanks! Tony (thesponky)