Copyright Greenwashing

The Center for Individual Freedom has just published a paper by three RIAA lawyers that purports to develop a natural rights theory and history of copyright. The paper is short (6 pages long), which appears to be its only valuable quality. I’ll set out a brief critique below, but first I want to note that […]

NZBMatrix Takes the Red Pill

I talked with Lifehacker’s IP guru Adam Dachis about the closure of several Usenet indexing services, including NZBMatrix. NZBMatrix threw in the towel after coming under twin pressures: a flood of DMCA notices related to links pointing to allegedly infringing content, and difficulty navigating the requirements of service providers such as PayPal. It’s the latest […]

Patenting Nature

The Supreme Court has granted cert in Association of Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, a decision that seemed inevitable from the moment the Federal Circuit issued its fractured, confused set of opinions upholding the breast cancer gene patents. The case represents another foray by the Supreme Court into patentable subject matter, on the heels of […]