The iPhone Writ Large

Apple and the Department of Justice are dueling over whether the iPhone maker must write code to help the government break into the San Bernadino shooter’s phone. The government obtained a warrant to search the phone (a nicety, perhaps, since the phone’s owner has consented to the search, and the shooter is dead). But, the […]

Celebrities, Copyright, and Cybersecurity

The fall began with a wave of hacked nude celebrity photos (as Tim notes in his great post). The release generated attention to the larger problem of revenge porn – or, more broadly, the non-consensual sharing of intimate media. Legislators and scholars have moved to tackle the problem. Danielle Citron proposes a model statute for criminalizing revenge […]

Lifehacker on Ubiquitous Infringement

Lifehacker‘s Adam Dachis has a great article on how users can deal with a world in which they infringe copyright constantly, both deliberately and inadvertently. (Disclaimer alert: I talked with Adam about the piece.) It’s a practical guide to a strict liability regime – no intent / knowledge requirement for direct infringement – that operates […]

The Hardest Thing to Predict Is the Future

SOPA and PROTECT IP are dead… for now. (They’ll be back. COICA is like a wraith inhabiting PROTECT IP.) Until then, Michelle Schusterman has a terrific graphic about the movie industry’s predictions of doom with each new technological revolution. (Ditto the music industry: the player piano, radio, CDs, the MP3 player, etc., etc.) One reason […]

Malware, MacOS, and Mayhem

It’s Alliteration Monday here at Info/Law! Ars Technica has a great write-up on the Mac Defender malware that’s been infecting hipsters‘ MacBooks left and right. Apple started by ignoring the problem, and has subsequently woken up and started to use features such as File Quarantine to deal with it. Belated, but laudable. I have three […]

Google Music, and the Cost of Holdouts

Google is set to debut its cloud-based music service, called (creatively) Google Music. This isn’t revolutionary after Amazon launched its service. What makes it fun for IP nerds like me is that Google initially tried to strike licensing deals with the major music labels, but when they failed, they altered their service (to avoid the […]

User’s Guide to Holding Your Phone

Nokia has a brilliant post on its corporate blog about how best to hold your Nokia phone. Of course, the iPhone v4 infamously suffers degraded connections if you hold it wrong. This is only the second-worst feature of the phone; the worst is the powerful electric shock it delivers when you e-mail Steve Jobs to […]