Smoke If You Got ‘Em

I’m here in rainy, lovely Eugene, Oregon watching the Oregon Law Review symposium, A Step Forward: Creating a Just Drug Policy for the United States. (You can watch it live.) Jane is presenting her paper Defending the Dog – here’s the conclusion: The narcotics dog doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it has received among scholars. The […]

Petraeus and Privacy

The resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, after a cyberharassment investigation brought his affair with biographer Paula Broadwell to light, has generated a fascinating upsurge in privacy worries. (Side note: I believe “working with my biographer” has now superseded “hiking the Appalachian Trail” as the top euphemism for infidelity). Orin Kerr has an excellent summary […]

HuffPo, Drugs, Dogs

Jane has an article up on Huffington Post exploring privacy intuitions about police use of new technologies in light of the Jardines case. It’s a great read, and reinforces my conviction not to drive around with snausages in my trunk.

Dogs, Drugs, Bombs, and Math

Jane Yakowitz has a great essay on privacy intuitions and the gravitational effect of the war on drugs up at the Stanford Law Review Online. The picture of the dog is pretty cute, too…