Defining Network Neutrality

The net neutrality fight is on, as FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s proposal for new rules moved on to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Now, the two sides are digging in: AT&T, telcos, and unions on one side; Google and content providers on the other. I tend to favor protecting end-to-end in the Internet context, but […]

Yoo & Wu Debate Net Neutrality

There is a great paper just posted on SSRN (hat tip to Larry Solum, of course) that consists entirely of a bloggy debate between info/law profs Christopher Yoo and Tim Wu about network neutrality. A version of their exchange originally appeared last spring as part of the late, lamented Legal Affairs Debate Club (indeed, as […]

More Internet Fences

The vision of an Internet that is an intellectual free-fire zone of easy, cheap, speedy communication is increasingly challenged by governments through technology and law.  North Korea deals with the risk that the Net might undermine juche’s illusion of that country’s superiority by creating a “walled garden” of sanitized content; access to the real Internet […]

Network Neutrality Confuses Me

Network neutrality – “treating all bits alike” – has been top-of-mind for Congress and for many geeks / lawyers / telco companies. I’m hoping some of you who are smarter / better-informed than I can help me answer this question: at a technical level, how does one define or implement network neutrality? I approach this […]

Is There NSA Surveillance of Wireless and VoIP?

I wrote previously about how the excessive secrecy surrounding the NSA’s collection and analysis of domestic phone records leaves the press and the public to engage in a sort of Kremlinology. This morning, to take one example, NPR correspondent Larry Abramson spoke about how journalists try to parse the lawyerly statements by BellSouth and Verizon […]

Blocking VoIP

I’ve been following efforts to block Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) traffic – essentially, phone calls over the Internet – for the past few years. The OpenNet Initiative, of which I’m a member, has been keeping an eye on this as well; we noted in our study on Internet filtering in the United Arab Emirates, […]