Hakim Lakhdar, Program Manager, Program on the Legal Profession

“In September, I was asked to speak with HLS students, faculty and staff about the American Bar Association and its Rule of Law Initiative. In 1990, the ABA established the Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative (CEELI), which in 2007 grew into the consolidated Rule of Law Initiative (ROLI), to aid in the legal reform efforts in newly independent republics and emerging democracies. I used the example of my own work in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to explain the various projects and approaches ABA ROLI implements and adopts while also addressing and highlighting the many challenges and obstacles they have faced since their inception. Programs, activities and strategies can be modified from year to year and country to country but those of us working in international development must always remember that ever-changing global relationships and countries’ national interests will always play a large role in the success we have in establishing a legitimate rule of law culture in emerging economies.”