Chayes Fellow Kaycie Rupp ’15 on working with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Italy

“I have been working in the Administrative Law Branch of FAO on various research projects involving FAO’s definition of harassment, the validity of settling before going to the International Labor Organization’s Administrative Tribunal, and interpreting and applying the policies and regulations of the UN system. My main tasks have been drafting various disciplinary actions and internal memos.

Throughout the summer, I have come to really enjoy the labor/employment side of things. I have discovered how much difference transferring an employee or fixing the dynamics of an office can affect the overall productivity of the office and the productivity of the agency as a whole.

Working for the UN has been an incredible experience. I am surrounded by people from all different parts of the world that bring interesting work and life experiences to the job. No matter what your job is at FAO, everyone seems to keep in mind the overarching goal of the organization. However, I have had to get used to the working environment here in Italy. It is quite the change to go from the speed and stress of 1L to the Italian lifestyle! 

I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to work for the UN and to do it while living in Rome. Rome is such a beautiful city with amazing food and wine! Additionally, I have been doing quite a bit of traveling on the weekends with the other HLS interns here in Rome. We have been to Cinque Terre (five towns on the Italian Riviera), Naples where we saw Pompeii and hiked Mount Vesuvius, Venice, Tunisia, and Spain. Italy is a beautiful country and I find the people wonderfully kind. It will be bittersweet to leave.”

(Cinque Terre)

Kaycie is one of 23 HLS students working this summer in 18 countries under the auspices of the Chayes International Public Service Fellowship. Please visit our Chayes Fellowship page to learn more!