Meet the 2013 Chayes Fellows

Twenty-three Harvard Law School students have been awarded the 2013 Chayes International Public Service Fellowship this summer. They are working abroad in Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, France, India, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Myanmar, the Netherlands, Portugal, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Yemen, as well as in New York City and Washington, DC. Please click here to read brief biographies and descriptions of their summer placements submitted by the students

Mollie Bracewell (JD ’13), 2011 Chayes Fellowship recipient, on her work for Southeast Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities in Cambodia

“I have just started a new project this week: my boss at SISHA was hired for a consultancy by the UNODC to prepare an assessment of human trafficking in Cambodia. I am working on the legal part of the final report, so I’m looking at statutes and laws that pertain to trafficking in any way like labor law, contract law, migration, criminal law, and then looking at how those laws are enforced (if they are enforced). I’m also looking at the criminal prosecutions and assessing how the prosecutions unfold. And I’m looking at the way the government regulates, monitors, or streamlines NGOs and how the government itself takes preventative measures. The report is assessing whether Cambodia should and could use a victim referral mechanism, which would streamline what is a chaotic landscape of services for victims.  It’s really a good project because I am getting exposure to the human trafficking issue from all sides in this country. I absolutely love SISHA. I feel like I’ve had very substantive work the whole time- not always “purely” legal but useful all the same.”