Chayes Fellow Josephine Lee ’15, on working with the Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Argentina

“I am enjoying my time working and living abroad. The coffee (cortado is my favorite) is wonderful and, thankfully, the winter is not too cold. I was hoping to travel to El Calafate on a long weekend, but the plane tickets are so expensive, so I’m planning a trip to Mendoza (wine country!) instead.
The work experience has been interesting and I’ve been learning a lot about environmental policy in South America. Even though I’ve been doing more research than I was expecting, I am learning through the process and even improving my Spanish (slowly).”

Josie is one of 23 HLS students working this summer in 18 countries under the auspices of the Chayes International Public Service Fellowship. Please visit our Chayes Fellowship page to learn more!


Snapshot: Samiron Ray ’14

A growing interest in start-ups, incubators and entrepreneurship took Samiron to Santiago to look closely at Start-Up Chile, a program created by the Chilean government that provides grants to entrepreneurs from around the world willing to relocate to Santiago and grow their businesses there. “Although Chile is a fast-growing economy and has a stable political system, it has not been traditionally thought of as an entrepreneurial country,” Samiron said; “the government takes no equity stake in the ventures, but instead hopes that the presence of hundreds of entrepreneurs in Chile will help establish its own version of Silicon Valley.” During his trip, Samiron interviewed program staff, attended Start-Up Chile social events and functions. and met with  entrepreneurs participating in the program and with lawyers and investors working with them. By talking with “the people in the trenches,” he was able to look at the financial and business concerns facing the entrepreneurs, ranging from personal liability to employment issues, and explore the ways in which government infrastructures and legal institutions might hinder or support business growth. “I am fascinated by the intersection of law, entrepreneurship, and economic development,” Samiron explained, an interest that he has also explored in working with Harvard’s Innovation Lab and the HLS Cyberlaw Clinic.

(Please visit “Winter Term 2013: Snapshots from Students” to read about other recent projects.)


Meet the 2013 Chayes Fellows

Twenty-three Harvard Law School students have been awarded the 2013 Chayes International Public Service Fellowship this summer. They are working abroad in Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, France, India, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Myanmar, the Netherlands, Portugal, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Yemen, as well as in New York City and Washington, DC. Please click here to read brief biographies and descriptions of their summer placements submitted by the students

Study Abroad Coffee Hour

HLS has exchange programs with law schools around the world, and a joint degree program with the University of Cambridge, that offer students the opportunity to study abroad. What is the same, and what’s different, about legal education in other countries?  Where do students live?  What else should you know before you go?   Come meet students from these schools who are studying at HLS, and talk with them informally about these questions and more.

Representatives from our exchange partner schools in these countries will be on hand:

  • Brazil
  • France
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Monday, December 3
4 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Graduate Program Lounge, Wasserstein 5053