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                For the Love of God and His Prophet was a class that took me on a journey deeper into my inner life. The question, “What does it mean to be a muslim?” was the center of my focus with regard to this class. On a more personal level, it became important to me to […]

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After watching The Reluctant Fundamentalist, I found myself asking, “how do I come to know who I am?” I used to believe that the fundamental pillars of my identity boiled to faith and culture. As a Christian South Indian, it was difficult to find a community, place, or environment that could relate to both sides of me. […]

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The Raven’s excuse The Raven approached with confidence in his stride, His manner seeped in nothing short of pride, Crowing: “I’ve already journeyed to the Simorgh alone, I’ve been welcomed into the presence of His very throne. Fair friends, what the hoopoe spoke is entirely true, His sight alone is enough to fill you with […]

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I was curious to see how Muslim women on Harvard’s campus thought about the issue of wearing the veil. I decided to interview two of my friends. Sufia Mehmood is a sophomore who chooses to wear the veil. Mahi Mahmood is a senior who chooses not to. The following are the interview questions I asked and […]

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Ode to Love: Ghazal of Ghazals Happy is the small moth who catches sight of a brilliant candlelight in the distance And, moved, flies straight towards it only to get singed by its flame. Nevertheless it strains to stay near the fire’s warmth. How easy it is for a small kitten to be consumed by […]

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Learning the Samat I grew up learning that dance is a mode of conveying culture, tradition, folklore and spirituality to an audience. The goal of dance as described in the Indian Classical Dance, which I learned for thirteen years, is to deeply move the audience. In my time as a dancer, I’ve had only one occasion […]

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 Muslim Student Prayer Space & Carpet Design  This is a color pencil depiction of the carpet pattern of the Muslim prayer space on campus. Just as in the standard mosque, the carpet pattern is such that the tops of the archways point to Mecca, indicating the direction in which people are to be facing during […]

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