Snapshots of Rome

Two women in very
fashionable business dress on a motor scooter.  The one not
driving was talking to the other one at a stop light and gesticulating
with her hands, even though the other one (in front) couldn’t even see

Every single person on a motor
scooter or motorcycle wears a helmet without exception, but no taxi
driver ever wears his or her seat belt.  I’m sure the helmets are because of a law.

The taxi dispatchers called out the
numbers and locations in a way that took the normal inflection of
Italian speech – often lampooned in the U.S., think “we’re-a going-a
to-a the store-a” – and exaggerated it just a little bit, making a
beautiful, entrancing, rhythmic, sing-song chant.  It was so great
that Sara and I actually recorded it.

Fashion.  The stereotypes are
true, Romans are really into dressing fashionably.  It was
amazing.  High heels, cleavage, low-low-I MEAN LOW-rise
jeans.  And the Italian women wear this eye makeup that accentuates
their already beautiful, dark eyes.  Smoldering.  Oh yeah,
and there were plenty of extremely well-dressed men but who cares about

Romans standing at the caf

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