Gonzo Websurfing

Gonzo websurfing is when you find a wifi network that someone has set up, and use it to surf the web without even knowing whose network it is.  Like right now, for example!  “ArNoLd,” who ever you are, thank you.   

I have never heard the term “gonzo” used in this way before, but I was inspired by its use to describe Hunter S. Thompson’s style of underground journalism

UPDATE:  Upon reflection, I think “guerilla internet” or “guerilla surfing” is more accurate.  I don’t like the war connotation, but “gonzo” connotes being rushed or unedited, which has little or nothing to do with using a random wifi network.

UPDATE 2:  Jill notes that there is already another war-based metaphor in use for this practice:  “war driving,” although some say that this only refers to finding and logging free wifi access points.

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