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On good writing

June 4th, 2021 · 1 Comment

Good writing is good thinking. This is why good writing is not easy, particularly when a situation calls for more prose than poetry. In the field of research, we are taught to reconsider every word we dared to put on a paper and so to change our approach to thinking. Our writing is the mirror of our minds. Nowadays we often showcase our virtuous minds in misspelled messages, emotional blurs, and ad-hoc confusing remarks. Let’s be mindful of the effect of reciprocity. The effort to write well elevates our thinking. But neglect to write well can corrupt our minds. What we want our thinking to be?

Therefore, it pays off to remind ourselves that:

– If you cannot write well, think again

– Overcomplicated long sentences do you no favor

– Put only one message in a paragraph and connect the messages

– Writing conveys emotions. Ensure they are those you want to communicate

– Not always but often stands that less is more

Diving into my research paper, where my editor did not spare the red ink, I remind myself of Stephen King: “To write is human, to edit is divine.”


Industrial-Organizational Psychology scholar at Harvard University (in extension studies)


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