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Living and working in different countries around the world I became curious about people’s minds and behaviors. Whether we consider them beautiful, good, bad, or ugly, the way we see others unveils a lot about ourselves. While knowing thyself is not an easy task, every step towards it counts. Learning is indeed a journey. My endeavors of being a psychology researcher, business executive, mentor, and entrepreneur keep challenging me and ‘aha’ and ‘wow’ moments do not come short or painlessly. I often inspire my business mind through research and philosophy. Herewith I would like to share my findings along the way.

My name is Jana Valkovicova and this blog is a collection of short notes from the intersection of business and psychology, reminding us to think higher and wider in business and life.

I hope you enjoy it.


Industrial-Organizational Psychology scholar at Harvard University (in extension studies)

Visiting lecturer 

Business executive in luxury goods retail industry


 jana_valkovich at g.harvard.edu