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Taking Rape Seriously: Rape as Slavery

New project, published by the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, and available at: Introduction excerpted below:              In bedrooms and back alleys, at parties, in offices, and within families: rape happens, rape is real.  At this very moment, there are approximately twenty million women in the United States who have been raped during […]

Prosecuting Human Trafficking as a Crime Against Humanity under the Rome Statute

New paper, published on Columbia Law School’s Gender and Sexuality Online (GSL Online, 2011), and available at: Abstract:  Bought and sold, consumed and exploited: human bodies, labor, personhood, and dignity have become the most valuable, reusable, and profitable products in the 2011 world market. In the early twenty-first century, increased awareness and international concern mobilized […]

Trafficked: Domestic Violence, Exploitation in Marriage, and the Foreign-Bride Industry

New project, published by the Virginia Journal of International Law, and available at: Introduction excerpted below:         Sized at 32 billion dollars,[1] the human-trafficking industry is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world, exploiting upwards of 12.3 million people at any given time.[2] Direct profits and reported abuses, however, represent only […]