Fatehgarh Sahib police dismissed Gurmeet Singh Pinky, First Police Cat Convicted for Murder

December 7, 2006 | Comments Off on Fatehgarh Sahib police dismissed Gurmeet Singh Pinky, First Police Cat Convicted for Murder

On September 30, 2006, a court in Yamunagar held Punjab police Inspector Gurmeet Singh Pinky guilty of the murder of Avtar Singh Gola. He surrendered to the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Fatehgarh Sahib on October 16, and was sent to judicial custody in Patiala Jail. Pinky was later sentenced to life imprisonment. Avtar Singh’s father has filed a revision petition, seeking convictions of the other accused, among other things. Pinky was dismissed by the Punjab police, after his sentence was issued.

On January 27, 2001, Pinky shot and killed 21-year old Avtar Singh. Pinky was under the influence of liquor and was quarrelling with Avtar Singh over passage through the street where the Police Inspector resided.  The case had to be shifted from Ludhiana, to Chandigarh, to cities in Haryana in order to protect witnesses from police retaliation.

The conviction and sentencing of Gola will hopefully end a long ordeal for Avtar Singh’s family:

Today, four and half years after the incident, Kamaljeet runs a grocery store as her fight for justice had forced her to abandon studies and help her ageing parents to fund the education of her younger sister.

She may well have been studying MBA like her sister today had it not been for the tragedy that struck the family.

After years of struggle — virtually fighting threats to life and property besides turning down settlement offers of nearly Rs 1 crore, allegedly made by the accused — the family is relieved to get justice, finally.

In the mid-1990s, Pinky, a former militant-turned-‘cat’ was inducted into the police ranks. According to Ensaaf’s report “Punjab Police: Fabricating Terrorism Through Illegal Detention and Torture,” Pinky was among the Punjab police officers who were most cited for torturing detainees in 2005. For more about Pinky’s history of illegal detentions and torture, visit:  -->


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