Classes start in nine hours!

September 14th, 2003 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

In about nine hours classes will begin for the year.  Since I have one of the most requirement-heavy concentrations (Environmental Science & Public Policy), I *won’t* be “shopping” for any classes like Government 1045. Political Theory and the Challenge of Cultural Diversity or History of Art and Architecture 11. Landmarks of World Architecture…  a pity.

So this is what I’ll be taking this semester:
9 am – Chemistry 15. Inorganic Chemistry
11 am – Applied Mathematics 21a. Mathematical Methods in the Sciences
12 pm – Social Analysis 10. Principles of Economics

Plus I’ll have one more class, either a freshman seminar (limited enrollment – I applied to three and I’ll know the results tomorrow), Expos 20 or some other core curriculum class.

It sounds pretty much like my JC schedule (although I’ve never taken Economics) which is a tad dissappointing – after all, isn’t the liberal arts system supposed to allow students to take all sorts of cool classes?  On the upside, since all my classes are on MWF, I have Tuesdays and Thursdays wide open for the moment.  Until I schedule in the four hours of lab and four hours of discussion sessions, that is.


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