Depression = Weariness =/= Me

September 28th, 2003 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Doesn’t time just fly by when you’re busy with stuff and don’t have access to a keyboard to type a blog entry?  :p  I’ve really wanted to update so many times in the past ten days…  but oh well.

I’ve written two articles for Fifteen Minutes – the Crimson’s weekend lifestyle magazine (sort of like ST Life!), though neither of them has been printed yet.  One was about the Freshman Register (which was pretty funny to write), and the other was a review of this great Thai restaurant (yum yum) Xinwei and I discovered in Boston the night we saw The Blue Man Show.

I’ve also been going for crew practice just about every weekday afternoon.  It’s unlikely I’ll be on the rowing squad – more likely I’ll be the coxswain, if anything.  But in the meantime, I’ve gotten to row out on the Charles, which is lovely, I’m paticipating in all the training (2-mile runs, 4-mile runs, 10 & 20 min ergs, 4 & 6 km ergs), and next week we start doing the dreaded stadiums.  During the sports physical a fortnight back I was 114lbs.  The scale in Newell Boathouse (a 10 min sprint away from my dorm) now says I’m 116.5lbs – freshman fifteen, here we come…

Which makes Tobey Maguire in Seabiscuit supposedly lighter than I am (jockeys are supposed to be under 115lbs including their saddles).  I saw that movie last night with Ryan, my roommate and Xinwei.  It’s one of the few bits of entertainment I’ve participated in since I got here – I haven’t even seen (not to mention gone to) a single party either, though most people have gone to the Quad parties, Latin Fire (the ballroom dance) the First Chance Dance, the Fall Ball, Utopia (the AAA river cruise party), Frat parties at MIT etc. etc.  Even my supposedly “quiet and orderly” roommates have been to parties.  And me?  I’m just anti-social 😉  Right.

Classes are beginning to settle down into a steady stream of challenging work (“So the first paper is due on Monday and then the second one on Wednesday”) and really cool discussions (you cannot believe how accomplished and interesting some of my professors are).  I’ve dropped SA10 (Economics) due to a lack of space on my study card (freshman are *strictly* permitted to take a maximum of only four half-courses their first semester at the College).  Which means I’ll have to take it next year since it’s a concentration requirement.  In it’s place, I’m taking Expository Writing 20: Censorship and Freedom of Expression and Freshman Seminar 46p: Human Rights.  These are both indubitably the highlight of my semester (especially since the competition is Chem 15: Inorganic Chemistry and Applied Math 21a:  Mathematical Methods in the Sciences).  Just because it’s a grerat class, I’m still auditing Chinese Literature 130: Screening Modern China, though I won’t attend sections, do homework or take exams.  It’s also gives me a reason to be awake on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when I have no classes whatsoever.

Filbert, Yining and Fengyuan are in Boston this week (at least one of them will be staying with me, I believe), so I will shortly be even more surrounded by Singaporeans than I already am, an undesirable thing from a study-abroad-experience-new-cultures-make-new-friends point of view.  Case-in-point: last night I had dinner with Lam Yishan, Clarence Cai and Darryl Wee, then saw a movie with Xinwei.  This morning I attended church with Adrian Foo and Joanna Yeo.  It’s like I never left the island!  But not to sound ungrateful – I love seeing familiar faces and old friends again, and you’re all welcome to sleep on my futon if you want to visit (just check with me first!).

Ok, I gotta go eat and/or write an expos paper due tomorrow…

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4 Responses to “Depression = Weariness =/= Me”

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