Three down, one to go!

November 21st, 2003 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

It’s feels pretty good to be done with all but one of my written midterms for the calendar year.  So what if the chem exam on Monday was a letdown and Tuesday was one of the low points of the semester?  Math on Wednesday and applied math today seemed to have gone pretty well (which sort of worries me since I don’t have a good track record of predicting my own exam performance).

In other news, this week is Harvard-Yale weekend!  “The Game 2003” is away this year, so the campus is already semi-deserted with most people having left for New Haven this afternoon.  And myself?  It looks like I’m not going…  because I have to stay for my first crew race tomorrow morning 🙂  It’s the ‘Foot of the Charles’, and I’ll be coxing a freshman eight.  I pray all goes well…  (and I have to be up by 6.30am – a wakeup time I’d nearly forgotten existed.)

Next week will be Thanksgiving, then there will be just two weeks till Winter Recess and Christmas – and my first semester as a college freshman will practically be over.


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