Shopping week continues

February 7th, 2004 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

And all is well as shopping week continues.  I still love my classes.   (We saw the documentary Blue Vinyl in ESPP 10 today – I’m so lucky to *have* to take this class!)

I’m a bit too tired to ramble on having gone out to dinner tonight and spent the last couple of hours formatting pictures to put on this blog.  My favourite postcard style picture:

US Supreme Court, 31 Jan 2004“>

So go see the photos!  I cropped and tweaked and captioned them for hours, so make it worth my while by clicking here (or on the “Index of Photos” link on the left sidebar).  They’re mostly from the Intercession trip, although there’s also one from tonight and one from back in Singapore.  I’ll think about putting more online when I recover from the energy spent putting these ones up.

Happy Birthday Wojtek!  Legal Sea Foods has been named the best seafood restaurant in the US several times, so it’s no surprise the food was excellent.  Never mind that we had to trudge through ankle deep slush and puddles to get there 😉  We still love you Wojtek!

From left: Xin Wei, Ryan, Emily, me, Wojtek, Chrissy, Becca, Russell, Devon, Devri

Wojtek’s Birthday Dinner at Legal Sea Foods (6 Feb 2004)



Tonight was also Woitek’s birthday (Happy Birthday!), so we went out to dinner at the Legal Sea Foods near the Boston Aquarium.  Yummy food, good times.  Seems like we’re all getting older really fast 😉

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