February 8th, 2004 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

As I told Devon, I can’t believe I’m feeling so happy to turn *twenty-old-two*.  But that’s what a whole lot of friends and a surprise birthday thing can do to you.  Thanks y’all – I’m truly touched :))

From left, 
front row: Matt, Yuping, Weylin, me
middle row: Russell, Shi Ming, Devon, Ryan, Michael
back row: Alex, Xin Wei, Emily, Dan, Doug

The Surprise Party (8 Feb 2004)


Thankyouthankyouthankyou! My first surprise birthday party, and it only took two decades a bit more to plan 😉  It’s the night of the Grammy’s, and the Black Eyed Peas are being nominated for Best Song with their plaintive hit “Where is the Love?”.  So where is the love?  For a couple of hours, it was in Wigg H-22.  *Beams*  It was beyond gratifying to unexpectedly find my roommates, so many of my friends and my fellow Singaporeans in one room.  From the bottom of my ageing heart, thank you.

And of course some people came late…  so we had take more pictures!  🙂

From left: Neil, Xin Wei, Alex, Emily, Mike, me, Ryan

The Surprise Party Reloaded (8 Feb 2004)



It’s almost absurd to think my 21st year has already ended, given how brief and event filled it has been.  In 365 days I was promoted to Lieutenant, left the army, came to Harvard and finished an eventful semester.

I made a wish.  I pray it gets realised.


It’s sad, but I have to go do some work, now.  Happy birthday, me :p

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2 Responses to “Twenty-Two!”

  1. Linqi Says:

    Hey! Happy Birthday to you! =) Wow, it sure looks like you’re having a lot of fun over there. Do take care and we’ll meet up when you’re back yah? All the best and many many happy returns! =)

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