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Summer bliss in the South African winter

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

South Africa is just as naturally beautiful as I remembered it from five years ago, but it is also far more developed, modern and friendly than I expected or recall.  Everyone who gets the chance *must* come and experience it for yourself sometime.

I wish I had pictures of the endless plains of dried corn stalks meeting the pure blue sky in a sharp line, or the craggy river-worn ravines, or the dusty, stark volcanic cores (

Do you speak Zulu?

Monday, June 14th, 2004

I certainly don’t, and I hope it isn’t too much of a problem…

I’m off now. In a few hours I’ll be enroute to Johannesburg, South Africa for my month in KwaZulu Natal with Practical Ministries. It’s all quite surreal, and I can only realise how blessed I am to have this opportunity. I am so grateful for my parents, for my family, and ultimately, and I suppose principally, I am grateful to God. He’s always been there for me, which is an amazing thing, I know.

While I’m gone, be sure to catch the Harvard Din and Tonics on their world tour!  They’ll be arriving in Singapore on 27 July and performing at Chijmes within those couple of days, and they’ll be KL on 30 July (Adrian, that’s for your benefit!).

I’ll blog whenever I can, but if not I’ll see you all in a month.

Passing through

Friday, June 11th, 2004

I’ve been home for five days now.  It’s been alternating between torrential rain and sweltering, sultry days.  Again, I recall why I wanted to go to college in New England.  lol  There’s no place like home though, and Singapore is pretty sui generis in a variety of ways anyway.

I’m almost all the way through my “to-buy” list (*compact* head toothbrushes, many more socks, new pants :/)

I’m halfway through my “to-eat” list 😉  (unsweetened soy milk, laksa, sushi buffet, nonya rice dumplings…)

I’m still living out of my suitcases, and I leave for Johannesburg in three days.

As a sidenote: the tv lineup on Channel 5 (the main free-to-air English channel) here is so decidely American it’s scary.  Alias, 24, Nip/Tuck (!), The Bachelor (don’t know which season), American Idol (the episode where Fantasia wins is this week), Judging Amy, CSI, The OC, and coming soon are The Apprentice and The Simple Life (!!).  Really scary.  How long before The Swan makes it here?  *shudder*

PS: There won’t be any pictures here for a while – my digital camera seems to have disappeared enroute to Singapore.  It’s either been stolen or I left it somewhere by accident.


Monday, June 7th, 2004

I’m home, after over 30 hours of travelling.  Thankfully I still love flying.  I saw 4.9 movies – Along Came Polly, 50 First Dates, l’Auberge Espagnol, The Butterfly Effect and most of House of Sand and Fog (I’m quite annoyed that I didn’t get to see the last 15 minutes because we were landing).  I quite liked them all, which would probably disgust most of my friends…  what can I say?  I only pick to watch the films I have a good chance of liking.

Exams are over, a week of Spring Clean Up dedicated to Wigglesworth entryways F through K is over (yes Emily, yes Woj, that includes both your suites).  Thayer 101 is empty, my bike’s at the boathouse and my stuff is spread between HSA storage and the Kirkland basement (thank you Doug!).

I’ve gotten back three out of my five grades, and so far they haven’t been shabby (still holding my breath for applied math).  I know next year’s organic chemistry is going to give me hard time all year.  Bleah.

Singapore is just as muggy, as delicious, as safe and comforting as it ever was, and (if possible) even a little shinier around the edges.  It’s nice to be home, even if this feels vaguely like a cross between an aimless holiday and an extended layover.  It looks like I will leave on 15 June for South Africa, where I will spend a month.  Beyond that, I see about six weeks in Dakar, in Bangladesh, then a fabulous last three weeks here with Emily and Woj, Charles and Flora etc. etc.

And then summer will be over.  Sure goes fast, doesn’t it?