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Counting down, continually

Thursday, November 18th, 2004

7 days till Thanksgiving break
2 days till The Harvard-Yale Game (is it sad that I have neither T-shirt nor ticket?)
1 day till the freeDins concert (Friday, 9pm, Leverett Dining Hall) with the Yale Dukesmen
24 hours till my Chem 17 problem set deadline
20 hours till my BS 51 midterm (yipes!)

Speaking of BS 51, I watched 7.5 lectures over past two days, and I have another 4.5 for today (as I write a lecture is playing on the side – Prof Farrell is talking about endocrine control over behavior right now).  Which in a sense is really the right pace for this class, given that it’s really just a loose summary of A-level biology.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving.  As I’ve been telling people – at this point I’m very glad that I’m not American.  And I’m not talking about the recent election results either…  rather, I’m glad that Thanksgiving will be completely obligation-less for me.  Which means I can fully devote myself to resting, reading, going to the gym, working on schoolwork, watching netflix…  Four days is really not enough.

How did this happen?

While I was sitting in French today and thinking about the reconceptualisation of urban spaces, of interiors and Certeau’s rhetoric of walking (which hopefully I will understand by next week), I was seized by a very strong urge to visit the newly reopened MoMA in New York.  Some day soon, hopefully.

A shocking number of people already know what they’ll be doing, not just next semester, but next summer too.  Thus spurred to action, I’ve been thinking, rather unsuccessfully, about what I want to be doing next summer.  Nowhere seems particularly interesting right now.  Unfortunately, exotic locations are far too often accompanied by hardship, or at least inconvenience.  Laurel, I’m thinking of your time in Kenya, but I’m also drawing on my most recent summer in South Africa and especially Bangladesh.  I’m not sure I want to be in South Asia anytime soon (although I certainly do want to go back at some point).  It seems absurd that I’ve become just about as blas

As the first snow falls

Friday, November 12th, 2004

Argh chemistry, argh.  Urrgh!

We had our first significant snow today, though it’s still wam enough that it has all melted.

As of now I want to go home for Christmas.  I’m even hoping to leave a couple of days early.  After all, I don’t have Ec that week and no biology lab, so it looks theoretically possible.

And now, back to French.

A breather

Thursday, November 11th, 2004

Hopefully this means those prayers are kicking in.

I didn’t fail Ec, which surprises me, considering how much stuff I half-made up during the test.  Turns out the mean was 49 and the median grade 49.5.  Which means I’m quite pleased.  You could even say very pleased.

And the Chemistry midterm today?  Well, it’s over, and that’s all I can say about that right now.  Excuse me while I pray.

I feel as if I can take a little break, except I have two untouched problem sets and an unstarted twelve-page French paper all due on Friday.  Thank God there’s no school tomorrow.  If I can just make it to the weekend I’ll be fine, until I think about preparing for next week’s midterm by watching those six biology lectures I missed.  Never a dull moment, eh?

PS:  Winter is now clearly upon us.  brr.
PPS: I love Zola’s Au Bonheur des Dames

Next, the world!

Sunday, November 7th, 2004

Taken in the coutryard of Adams House, during one of the many long rehearsals leading up to the concert.  This photo shoot was for the concert program, but this picture didn’t make the cut.  I quite like it, though.

Dins being silly (31 Oct 2004)


Thanks to everyone that came to the concert, and especially to everyone who came up to me after the show.  That was so much fun, wasn’t it?


So now I can focus on getting my room, my work and my schedule back together again.  Whew, that’s going to take quite a lot of work.

PS: Today’s been unbelievably warm and pretty.  And it’s November!

Going under, in style

Thursday, November 4th, 2004

It’s three days to the concert.  Wow.  I’ve missed three consecutive chemistry *and* biology lectures.  I bombed my economics exam today (argh!), and I have just under a week till my next orgo midterm.  And just to recall the last disasterous chem midterm I took (less than a month ago!), my chem tutor ominously warned me today after section: “Don’t screw *this* one up!”.

I can only pray that my EPS midterm is ok, and that my very underwhelming biology midterm grade can be rescued during the rest of the semester.

And then there’re the three problem sets and the 12-page French paper, all unattempted, that I have to turn in within the next week or so.  Sigh.

Yet it still seems well worth it.