No more chem 17 midterms!

December 4th, 2004 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Creative black tie opening of The Pirates of Penzance at the Agassiz Theatre, co-produced by Xin Wei, programs by Adrian, performed by Wojtek and Matt.  A fun night out, and I got to sit in a swoon of orchids for two hours.  Sweet.  Hard to believe I had a chemistry midterm the next morning.

From left: Xin Wei, Adrian, Joanna, Wojtek, Christine, me

Opening Night of Pirates of Penzance (2 Dec 2004)


At just past noon today, my quality of life shot up by a ridiculous amount.  Yay end of Chem 17 midterms!  Whew.  Not that I did well or anything, but at least its over.  It was even gloriously sunny and everything 🙂

And then I had a biology lecture that made me realise (kind of sadly), that on some level I’m truly missing out on the intellectual challenge part of the college experience that I came here for.  Professor Holbrook was far too technical and lingo-y for this course (as compared to the first two thirds), but her lecture is the first time I’ve ever heard plant physiology convincingly portrayed as an exciting field with many fascinating questions being investigated that could impact our lives!  EPS is vaguely interesting but frustrates me with it’s maddeningly simple-impossible syllabus, Chem 17 is challenging (really shouldn’t be) and kind of invigorating but not that exciting intellectually (arrow-pushing??).  Ec 10 is useful, but very, very, very basic and sedately-paced.  French 170 is intruiging and has moments of brilliance, but is unlikely to leave a lasting impression (ask me again after I somehow write fifteen pages of French for my final paper).

Which leaves me wondering if I should be hunting out at least a couple of really challenging/exciting classes for next semester (which would involve a major study-plan overhaul), or for next year (ditto, but maybe a bit less so).  And just when I was getting comfortable with taking the easiest classes I could get away with, too.

We got back our midterms in biology today.  I think my final grade is pretty much stuck in purgatory now, which is better than it was before today.

At my very first tailgate during the Harvard-Yale game, and very first football game too.  The Din alums had their very own tailgate, complete with G&Ts and lime-green balloons.

From left: Jon, me, Gary, Jay, Evan, Adam

Dins tailgate at The Game (20 Nov 2004)


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