Quincy Q-Ball

May 11th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Tonight was the Quincy Q-Ball, ie the Spring Formal, held conveniently in the Quincy courtyard right outside my room.  I had a great time. 

Chrix took this snapshot of us under the tent of the Quincy Q-ball.  Happy times.

From left: Naabia, me, Chrix

Under the Q-Ball Tent (10 May 2005)



I left my camera in Kieran’s room during the pre-game party, so I don’t have many pictures of the Quincy House formal, held in the Quincy courtyard.  It was a beautiful night, and it was lovely to see everyone dressed up and having a lovely time.  My date was the wonderful Naabia, who I’ll be living with this summer since we both got the same internship in London.  High point of the night (in terms of comedy) – seeing Master Kirshner dance enthusiastically with some Quincy-ite.

From left: me, Naabia, Ryan

Quincy House Q-Ball (10 May 2005)“>

And yes, we actually are in the midst of preparing for finals and stuff.

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