That’s all folks

May 28th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

I’m done!  Done!  *does jubilant danse*  I mean dance.  The French paper is done, it’s barely 18 pages (rather underweight), and quite unconventional (read: might receive a failing grade), but then is free-association-interpretive-dance on paper ever conventional?  I think not.

Must pack up fast.  Today is the last day storage is open, I believe.

Added: I wrote an addendum to my French paper, in an effort to shore it up against a failing grade.  *worry*

For my paper I tried to explore, performatively, the act of narration as creating a “fiction” out of actual events, in the Brechtian sense that fiction gives us the necessary distance to relate to the characters and learn something form their situation,  Thus, a meta-aim of this paper was to assert the role of art and literature in a globalised world.  As such, the first half of the paper is presented as “true fiction”, or a realistic retelling of actual events.through flashbacks and analysis arising from hindsight.  Naturally, the paper deals with themes related to globalization; the first story explores the characteristics of what I call our “new sociability” or means of relating to others in “society” in a globalized world (no longer created by history, geography or bloodlines but by chance and by a rhizomatic yet identifiable administration).  The second story examines the more machinic aspects of globalization, namely the control and modulation of society by impersonal rules and technology.  Through the recounted experience, I examine the perfectibility of this (inevitably flawed) r

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