London prologue

May 31st, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Taken on the long walk from the gate where we landed at Heathrow.  When I arrived, I told such an incoherent story at customs, since I’d been travelling continuously from Boston to New York to Frankfurt to London.  Ask me about it sometime.

Welcome to London (31 May 2005)


Well then, I’m here in London, currently staying with my good friend Laurel.  Getting here in/with many pieces was not completely unmanageable, though it had its tough moments.  It’s been two days since I left Ryan’s summer apartment, but I’ve only *just* arrived – haven’t even spent a single night here yet…

Taken on a beautiful day during the REP end of year party held at the Quincy House Masters’ loft.

From left: Alli, MaryEmily, Bryan, Nina, Tasha, Lindsay, Jeremy, me, Jordan

REP End of Year Party (13 May 2005)



I know it’s early, but I miss people from school.

View from the top.  I so want to be a House Master someday.  That’s Old Quincy in the foreground, the Lowell bell tower and the Holyoke Center.

View from the Quincy Masters’ Residence (13 May 2005)


And overall I kind of miss the semester already.

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