How can anything called ‘shopping’ week be bad?

September 22nd, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

It’s been an amazing first week of school so far.  Actually it keeps getting better and better.  I have seven utterly compelling classes I want to take, many of which were unexpected finds, like a sociology class on leadership that’s taught like a HLS or HBS seminar, an excellent international law class and a surprising class on the libertarian analysis of economic and social policy.  I even found a final French class to take (completing my foreign cultures requirement and my language citation in one fell swoop) on Parisian Cityscapes – and it’s taught by my favorite Professor C from the last two French classes I took.

Tonight was the first time I worked HUCEP this semester, which explains why I’m up at nearly 3am.  Prior to this I was in bed by 1am and awake by 8am every day.  And I haven’t fallen asleep in a single class yet!!  (Anyone who knows me will realize how momentous this truly is.)

And hopefully there will be more good news to come *fingers crossed*.

To bed.

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