One week till Sanders

October 29th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Top of the World (8 Sep 2005), originally uploaded by J Y.

Taken aboard the SIA non-stop flight from New York to Singapore. I was standing in the little open area they have at the back of the plane for guests to stretch their legs and get a snack, and I was trying to read some Rawls (reading in my seat meant that I fell alseep every few lines or so) so I raised the window shade to see if I could get more light. That was when I was greeted by this glorious sight of Canada or Alsaka (?) and hurried to get my camera.

Today I dragged myself up at about 8.30am so I could meet Asya for breakfast and ended up eating with Millie, and later Devon, as well. I managed to get through the French reading that’s been making me feel guilty which is nice, but the rest of the day was sucked up by Dins rehearsal. The concert is in exactly a week and we’re not exactly close to being ready yet. Very tiring. I should be spending the evening reading or writing, but instead I’m going to the HRO concert with Wojtek, and to make sure I don’t fall asleep then, I’m going to take a nap now.

Also, we have officially skipped autumn and gone straight to winter.  It’s only October, and we’ve had our first big snowfall.  Not only have the trees yet to lose their leaves, most of the trees are still green!  It’s pretty, but a bit early in the year.

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