Christmas Tree Hunting (26 Nov 2005)

November 27th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Christmas Tree Hunting (26 Nov 2005), originally uploaded by J Y.
Ryan and I picked out this lovely six-foot spruce tree at a tree farm in northern Maine near his aunt’s home in Calais. Ryan sawed it down and we drove it back down to Cambridge the next day (the car smelled amazing). Within 24 hours it was installed in our living room with lights, ornaments and all.

NB: I was very inappropriately dressed in my new cashmere coat which got stained with spruce sap (anyone know to get that out?) and I later ripped one of the pockets when I slipped on a wet patch. In my defense, neither of us had planned to go traipsing out in the woods.

The long Thanksgiving holiday weekend was a Godsend. I really needed the break. However, having eaten two very hearty homecooked Thanksgiving dinners (one at Libby’s place – thankyouthankyou!) and one up in Maine with Ryan’s family (the *best* turkey I’ve ever eaten, no question!), I am now nearly three pounds heavier (eek). Actually, it may have been all the dessert pies, random drinks and candy I consumed that did it. In any case, I’m heading down to the gym, where I expect to find many other guilty students trying to redeem their pre-holiday figures.

And I got a reasonable amount of work done on the five-hour ride home too (I drove on the way up and Ryan drove us back to Cambridge)! Fancy that!

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4 Responses to “Christmas Tree Hunting (26 Nov 2005)”

  1. Christmas Recipe Says:

    How long did it last before it went dry? I hear spruces are good for staying green.

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