Just barely…

December 13th, 2005 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Done!  But just barely.  I went to bed at about 6.30am this morning (meaning I lay down on top of my sheets with the lights on) and woke up at about 12.30pm, with about three quarters of the paper written.  I thought I had loads of time (read: two hours) so I was truly shocked when it suddenly turned 2.45pm and I was yet to be done with my paper.  I spent about ten frantic minutes trying to (a) hastily craft some kind of concluding sentence to the final paragraph and (b) trying to make the one-sentence-too-long paper fit into the seven-page limit*.

* At this point I had already exhausted all the tricks I could think of, including moving substantial amounts of material into the footnotes (font size 9) and reducing the spacing between paragraphs (there are strict rules about double spacing the text itself).

But that’s all done now.  Whew.  Now I shall allow myself a few minutes to enjoy a glass of wine and pretend I didn’t miss two classes today and don’t have a whole bunch of other work due (including a response paper for MIT due at 5pm today!).

Incidentally, I don’t think I ever posted my first Justice essay, which my TF called the best he read “by far” despite the one huge logical flaw (which I realised myself about ten minutes after turning in my paper).  While the praise was very appreciated and gratifying, it also means that the essay I just turned in has no chance of achieving the same level of success, given how unstructured, philosophically muddled and weakly positioned it is overall (and let’s not forget the truly horrendous last page and concluding statement).  Anyway, to read my first (superior) paper for this class, click here.  In this essay I argue that torture is never justified, even to prevent an iminent catastrophic terrorist attack.

PS: As a result of all the nonsense I ate last night while writing my paper (including milk and graham crackers, Hagen Daaz ice cream, a bowl of soup and a whole load of chocolate), I am now literally two pounds heavier than when I started writing.  Bleargh.

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