The slow start

February 2nd, 2006 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

D&G has taken the dominant nautical and officer-gentlemen trends for FW06 to a brilliant and logical conclusion – the Naval officer.  Well, I’m excited.

I had barely anything to shop today.  Just two afternoon ESPP junior seminars, neither of which were perfect.  And this semester I absolutely must take one of them.  I’d always thought I’d take Global Change and Human Health, which is taught by two professors – the ESPP head tutor and a medical doctor from HMS.  Unfortunately, although the material is interesting and the course website is great, the class seems a little large (which I suspect will mean superficial discussions), the final project seems tedious and the professors are not terribly arresting.  The other choice I have is Conservation Biology, which is *tiny* (so hopefully the experience will be more satisfying), and at least has an interesting premise (the seminar has us write a journal-worthy literature review on some aspect of the science).  At the same time the seminar taught by an unknown visiting scholar and the focus is totally science-based (when I thought I’d managed to completely leave that behind).

I’m leaning slightly towards the biology seminar….

Tomorrow I shop a whole bunch of core classes.

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  2. Shirley Nanke Says:

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