What a day this has been….

February 14th, 2006 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Things have been very weird around here lately.

After weeks of lovely, almost-balmy weather, the Northeast was hit by a major blizzard with record snowfalls in New York city, and many inches here in Cambridge too.

I received my first-ever care package (birthday cum Valentine’s Day), a very unexpected and extremely delicious heart-shaped box of assorted dark chocolates from Fannie May confections.  Thank you!  I’ve eaten way too many of them already, as have all of my roommates 🙂

Ryan and John are extremely chuffed at having the S*lient republish the Danish cartoons (of incitement-to-violence infamy).  Woj and I were horrified, almost beyond belief.  Ryan and I spent about two hours (from midnight to 2am) talking about respect and rights, rationality and reasonable expectations, restraint and responsibilities.  I know what I believe, and I think I know what Ryan believes, and I don’t think there’s a good resolution, other than to say that Ryan’s beliefs are more immovable and sharply defined… which are characteristics I  think are fundamentally problematic, in this case.  I pray that nothing untoward comes out of this.

In two other unrelated incidents, certain people shocked me with what struck me as unbecoming behavior and/or attitudes.  As usual, I’m always wrong, but that’s no surprise, in a sense.

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