Thwarted plans…

February 17th, 2006 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

Such is the theme of the day.  Last night, just as I was ready to head to the gym to walk on the treadmill and read some Hawthorne, FTV started screening the Paris FW06 Menswear shows, so of course I was forced to stay.

In the end, while I did make it to the gym, I did not finish the greater part of the book as I had planned and in fact fell far short.

This morning, I woke up very sadly having missed section(s), which was particularly aggravating because they were a) both at the same time due to a temporary academic scheduling conflict and b) not at all early in the day.  I felt so remorseful and shamed that I’ve spent a couple of hours reading Hawthorne with decidedly more diligence (I’m now but a hundred pages short of the end) and I will shortly shift my attention to the readings for Ec 1661.

Which reminds me, my classes for the semester are as follows:

ESPP 90e: Conservation BiologyAn ESPP junior seminar with just four students and I’m the only ESPP concentrator!
Ec 1661: Environmental and Resource Economics and PolicyAnother concentration requirement that nearly everyone I know in ESPP is taking because it’s not being offered next year. It’s also a cross-listed class taught at the Kennedy School, which is exciting.
Lit-Arts A-57: Bilingual Arts
A literature and arts core class taught by two professors, one of whom is Eileen Chow – I audited her “Screening Modern China” film class two years ago, and she still mistakenly thinks my name is “Steven”.
Hist-Std B-41: Inventing New England
The only historical studies ‘B’ core that I’m interested in.  Even the students and TFs for the class are a fascinating crowd to study.
Eng 167p: Postcolonial NarrativesAn English departmental course that satisfies another literature and arts core requirement.  I’m surprised by how much I’m enthralled by the stuff we’re reading, since I was never particularly attracted to “minor literatures” from Africa, the Caribbean or South Asia.  Excellent professor, herself a graduate of the college.

I can only pray that I will have as lovely (or better) an academic experience as I had last semester.

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