With the Hosts (10 Nov 2006)

November 13th, 2006 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

With the Hosts (10 Nov 2006)
Originally uploaded by J Y.

Ming somehow single-handedly did all the shopping and cooking (six whole chickens!) for the SIAMA Chicken Rice Party that was held in Nathan’s penthouse. It was all great fun, the food was scrumptious and the hosts impeccable!

From left: Nathan, me, Ming

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4 Responses to “With the Hosts (10 Nov 2006)”

  1. Timmy Says:

    gr8 resrch – is it all from the same source?

  2. Kilts for Sale Says:

    What ever happened to fun events like this. We haven’t had a chicken rice party is so long!


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