ABA BLS CLE Colloquium Report


Empirical Law and Economics ’20

Fall 2020 Publication by Ulatan, Jeffrey C. 1L | jeffrey.ulatan@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Sports Betting & Data Security

ABA BLS CLE Colloquium


Present to the American BAR Association BLS Gaming Law Committee a Live Webcast Presentation on either International developments, Sports betting & data security, cross-border and jurisdictional issues, investor involvement in U.S. markets; or GDPR and how it’s influencing state law in U.S.

ABA Business Law – Gaming Law Committee Members

Dennis M. P. Ehling, Blank Rome LLP
Peter McLaughlin, Culhane Meadows Haughian & Walsh PLLC
Raymond Luk Jr., BorgWarner
Jeffrey C. Ulatan, 1L Student, Harvard Law School
Kathryn Rand, Floyd B. Sperry Prof. of Law, U. of North Dakota
Steve Light, Prof. of Political Science, U. of North Dakota
Aaron Schildhaus as resource, Enrique Razon Jr. as resource, 
and Jeffrey C. Ulatan (myself) as resource.

ABA Colloquium Guideline

Presentation will be available in 60- and 90-minute slots. Cutting-edge, original materials and content are required, as are speaker releases from all speakers, and panel diversity as defined by the ABA BLS guidelines. The Programs Committee will monitor submissions very closely for topic and audience overlap and will strongly encourage co-sponsorship or session consolidation as appropriate.  All forms are submitted online now.

Criteria for ABA Presentation includes:

  • Timely subject matter
  • Broad topic appeal across all segments of BLS membership (practice areas and career stages)
  • High profile speakers (government agency employees, regulators, in-house counsel, etc.) that reflect the diversity of our BLS membership
  • Presenter experience and expertise
  • Marketable to outside groups to increase participation and membership in the Section
  • Meet CLE eligibility requirements
  • Active collaboration from two or more committees
  • Accompanying 750-1,500-word article that will be published in BLT in March 2021 that will be used to promote the program and the meeting

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