Can Blogs be Better for KM?

Christina writes about an article by Bill Ives and two co-authors examining blogs as better knowledge management tools than what’s currently used in corporations.

I’m reconsidering blogs as knowledge management tools after talking to someone tonight who set up a wiki to help her better organize certain resources she frequently loses on her blog. One thing I’ve known for a while is that sometimes it’s not the tool itself that’s important, but it’s how someone uses it, someone finding a tool that works for him/her. At first, I thought it was rather ironic that she would set up a wiki instead of figuring out how to better organize things on her blog, but I can understand why she would choose a wiki instead. For some people, having similar objects in the same place is very important. She also wants other people to contribute to this particular page, add to her collection of resources. Wikis allow that much easier than blogs do.

I’m thinking about the stories section on this blog–the place where I put longer posts. Maybe I don’t use it to its fullest extent. Maybe I can move some “collections” there. But the way the categories work and with the search feature, I can find most of the things for which I search.

Will the next blogging tool have wikiesque components?

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