Rollercoaster of Fun

The past few days have been eventful. And it looks as if they’re going to continue to be that way. Thursday I ran into the illustrious Ashley Bo Tse Ma, who, as I understand it, has moved from that acursed place known as New York City to the friendlier environs of Cambridge. And for some time. This is permanent. While I know I can’t claim to have done anything myself, I take a certain pride and satisfaction upon winning anyone to Massachusetts.

She was on her way to get hangers for her new place. I was heading to the astrophysics library to get new books for my presentation, which I was to give seven hours later.

After lunch at Grendel’s I headed home for a nap. The day before I spent the morning reading William James’ Pragmaticism in Widener at one of the carrels in the French literature section of the stacks. [I liked it so much that I’ve applied to get one myself; that make you feel so scholarly.] So I had an accuse to nap. But I had a presentation to write today. It was before 1pm, so I reasoned that I wouldn’t get any work done before 3pm anyway. Then at 4pm, I woke up.

Luckily, I had already rehearsed my presentation the night before with Ian and Hepler. And since everyone’d be sober tonight, it’d go much more quickly this time. And to satisfy the physics kids, I even threw some motivation from Dirac and the Gordon-Klein equation. This was big, you know. Dirac generated a Clifford algebra. Could I have better reason to give my presentation?

Dirac wasn’t enough. And I droned on for about one hour, twenty minutes. At least, I’m told, that my handwriting was “mesmorizing”, to which someone else echoed, “I know!”

The fun continues on through Friday and today and tomorrow. Yesterday I got my car inspected. After lunch at Grendel’s, of course. This time at the bar and with Mary. We’re a funny pair because both of us are perfectly happy not to talk to one another. Some how we managed to communicate long enough to agree to get my car inspected. And it passed. We had to replace the windshield wipers, but this was something I’ve been meaning to do since at least late January. I used them last night to pick up DJ. In the tropical storm hovering over 93 South yesterday afternoon, they were a godsend.

They were less useful on the way back. I fell asleep to my IMAX movie on coral reefs. DJ eventually passed out as is evidenced by his comatose corpse on the floor behind me. We’re supposed to help Abbe move to her grown-up appartment in New York this weekend. But she hasn’t called to wake me up yet.

I’d go swimming but the pool doesn’t open until 10am.

The other Abby called last night to wake me up, though. I wish I had been awake since her calls are so rare and always welcomed. But I went back to sleep in time to receive another call at 2:30am. Stephanie called from New York completley coincidentally. While in school, Jen and Stephanie, and later on, I liked to yell cute things in aggressive ways. If ever you woke up to a pseudo-angry, drunk shout “CUDDLING!” in the early morning to any of our voices, I apologize.

Stephanie called to tell me that Jen had come up with a new one: huggling which is funny, because it’s not a word but still works. I told Stephanie that I’d call her once I got into the City. She told me Na’s back from China.

Tomorrow Monica flies in from San Francisco. Maybe I’ll stick around until the 12th. But then again, this is New York and I already promised not to return this year. An extended visit might be in direct violation. Plus I got a thesis to write, part of which is due Thursday!

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