Like Being at the Law School.

Last night I swam just over two thousand yards before hiking up to the Law School gym, Hemenway. They gutted its insides and filled it with polished chrome, glass dividers, bright lights, and warm woods. Most importantly, they made over the squash courts, leaving three regulation courts of the original ten. Verena had come by earlier to steal some raquets from me. I kept the nicest for myself.

Once I arrived, Lydia “the Slapper”, the goalie for the women’s water polo team, greeted and directed me downstairs. Verena had invited three of her physics friends to play. None of them, save Steve, had ever stepped foot on a squash court. And Steve had only played once before, and with Verena. Despite this fact, Verena had be play with Halvar, who she said had picked things up very quickly. She correlated his natural abilities with his refined frisbee talents. I’m more inclined to pair them with his playing tennis.

He and I rallied for what seemed like forty-five minutes. At times it looked as if either of us might easily pass out. Then it was time to go. Verena had homework; I needed to sleep.

This morning I wasn’t sore, as I knew I should be. My muscles are fatigued. And I’m a little upset I dind’t work on my PDE pset for tomorrow yet. But that’s not for until tomorrow. Ethnomusicology is now.

Prof Shelemay is showing a documentary on an Egyptian popular singer and major political figure during the end of British rule and revolution called, I think, Umm Kaltham. I don’t usuaully take my laptop with me to class. Those kids who take notes in Word excite something violent in me. But recently I realized that I could pretend to be a law student. They play Yahoo! Games and things during their lectures — some say, even during their exams.

Maybe I should take out an application to HLS. I love those Joey-is-not-sitting-next-to-the-teacher type games.

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