Freshman year five girls lived upstairs from me. One was a varsity cross-country runner. In high school she had done some modelling for the specialty magazine Runners’ World. She along with the other two girls in my entryway on the team were among the five best freshmen runners we had that year. Her roommate, Julie, eventually ended up as my blockmate. Both Julie and Megan — the runner had a name, too — wound up in Leverett with me. Julie, of course, through the blocking process; Megan, by transferring in. Most of my freshmen entry did something along the same lines. We stole Rebecca from the Quad. Gabe crossed over from Mather. Matt was a compromise between the two, going from Mather to the Quad. But the superhero wasn’t in Leverett. She, Erin, was in Kirkland. During the first entryway meeting, our proctor started us off with an ice breaker. We were to introduce ourself to the group, stating name, home state, and something “interesting.” As a freshman the standard name/year/house affiliation intro was a practical impossibility. The interesting fact is a killer. Anything that is really interesting about you isn’t the sort of thing you want to offer up for first impressions. Consequently, they’re usually pretty lame as a matter of course. Thankfully, we were spared Two Truths and a Lie. (I’ve killed a man. I have an older brother George. I’m an only child and always wanted an older brother George.) My roommate wowed us with the versality of his name. Backwards it is “oD kraP.” Phonetically, as he told us, it’s funny. Erin, being from the ambiguous South, explained that she likes to hunt ‘gators. But that’s not the superhero part, either. As I said, you can’t give a truly intersting fact during these ice breaker games. Erin’s heart beats abnormally fast creating an electric charge slightly stronger than the average human. For this reason, all of her electronics break within months of her owning them. She went through two alarm clocks and one computer freshmen year. Why? They were both zapped. Indeed, when Erin was thirteen, she underwent a surgery literally to kill part of her heart in an attempt to reduce her electric personality. Think of it! So fantastic is her power that she graduated in only three years, only to continue onto Columbia architect school. Awesome is she who wields the current that flows through her veins. Behold!

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