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“Scientific American does an asinine hit job on E. O. Wilson, calling him a racist” — Jerry Coyne


“I could rant forever about the ignorance of this woman [Monica R. McLemore], but will try to refrain.” — evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne. professor emeritus at the University of Chicago in the Department of Ecology and Evolution.
I agree.
Scientific American recently published a hit piece on the late E.O. Wilson. Penned by Monica R. McLemore, the specious piece under review was nothing more than a display of vacuous ignorance about evolution, sociobiology, and other aspects of the late E.O. Wilson’s life and work in a foul attempt to smear Wilson as a racist.
Unlike Wilson, McLemore does espouse profoundly racist views (aka antiracist, neoracist, woke views) in the Scientific American piece and in her other writings.  Pathetically, she apparently can’t see the world in any other way than she misguidedly perceives it. Accordingly, more words about her scientific ineptness and views are wasted.
The greater shame here is on Scientific American for broadening the distribution of such scientifically illiterate garbage. Thankfully, McLemore’s piece is now widely viewed as exemplar of wokish inanity after being totally debunked by competent scientists, including Jerry Coyne, a biologist who IS an expert in evolutionary biology.
Shame, shame, shame on Scientific American.
Read Jerry Coyne’s review at: