Honor Due: Craig Lanier Allen (1967-2022)


Honor Due: Craig Lanier Allen (1967-2022). A good and loving man, devoted father, brother -in-arms, and cherished friend lost. Too soon, far too soon.
If asked, I would have put Craig forth as a fine example the best of America. He was also a bon vivant in the best sense. He lived life richly and fully.
Citadel graduate; Air Force Officer; Intelligence officer; Foreign Service Officer, and emerging scholar, Craig served and loved his country with distinction yet, with his keen eye and intellect, could articulate both its strengths and its flaws.
I am so deeply saddened for those Craig loved so deeply, especially his children Gabriella, Berengere, Madeleine, and Matthieu. My heart goes out to Shelly on her loss of a loving companion. My condolences go out to them and all who mourn Craig’s passing.
In addition to his many refinements, Craig loved fencing and baseball. About baseball, Craig once wrote, “Baseball played properly with all the attending old school rules of decorum = the America I love.”
As children, Craig was a Pirates fan and I loved the Orioles, yet we shared boyhood heroes like Roberto Clemente, Frank Robinson, and Willie Stargell. About Willie, Craig once wrote, “”Chartier Heights, Pittsburgh, Tananarive, Los Angeles, Nairobi, Tegucigalpa, Lima. Everywhere I lived and the number of gloves that had my hand-scribbled number 8 on it. It was an era when a boy could entrust his baseball dreams to a man worthy of them.”
Craig’s last post was about baseball. And so…
In your field of dreams, my friend, may you find yourself a young man sitting with a child’s glove at the ready to catch a foul ball from one of your heroes. Roberto Clemente steps to the plate for your beloved Pirates and takes his awkward stance. The smell of leather and grass yield to the crack of the bat as Roberto drives a fastball just over Frank Robinson’s outstretched glove and off the right field wall. Robinson fields the ball cleanly, but with legs driving, Roberto beats out Robinson’s strong throw to second base. You rise, the warm October afternoon sun on your face, and cheer. Your eye catches Willie Stargell stepping into the batter’s box and eyeing the fences. May the game go on forever for you.
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