My project is beginning to take shape. I am sending out a plea to various leaders in the childfree community and asking them to contribute. Although I still have a ways to go, the prototype for the website is here. The plan is to make the website a collection of information and opinions on cafeteria plans – including sample letters to employers and letters to the editor, arguments on both sides (and responses), the podcast series posted below, and hopefully a discussion via its companion blog.

The blog, Childfree Issues, will hopefully have a mandate to carry on after it serves as the launching place and forum for this one. The idea is to collect discussion on advocacy issues in a single area. While there are great social organizations such as No Kidding already out there, and much discussion on these issues on various childfree discussion board, hopefully this can create a centralized launching pad for more advocacy. In this vein, I have asked various leaders of No Kidding to participate – including those in Canada who might add an international perspective to what is now a domestic project. Hopefully we will be able to craft this separately, so as not to create a conflict of interest with the group’s purely social mandate.

I have also sought, and received assistance from the creators of what I see as the best childfree-related internet projects. This includes Adult Spaces – a podcast that addresses all sorts of childfree issues, UnScripted – the Childfree Life, a high-quality zine with articles about all sorts of topics of interest to the childfree, Purple Women – a team blog with contributions from a range of childfree women and their friends, and the Childless By Choice Project – a massive research project leading to a documentary and a book. I lost a week due to a death in the family, and was forced to tighten up – I had originally planned to ‘play’ with different media and create a compilation of different media for the final project. The fact that collaboration is encouraged makes this much easier, and more fun.

My Project – Cafeteria Benefits for Childless Workers