April 23, 2007

As part of my race relations law class, I have three essays due. The first has already been turned in, but not marked. The last two are due May 11. However, since that is also heavy finals period, I would like to have them done well before then.

That is where you come in. Below you will find links to a seven-part series on race relations, one of which has already been submitted. I have noted at the top of each whether I am considering it for submission. Some are actually fully written, and would simply need cleaning up. Some are merely a premise, or a short treatment that would need to be expanded. They are in order of consideration, with my own top choices listed first.

1. Affirmative Action For Women

2. Cultural Reparations to Address Modern Poverty

3. The politics of cause and effect: In defense of Project Prevention

4. Can I Compare Thee?

5. Diversity

6. Interracial Marriage

7. Equal Protection Analysis for Racial Profiling: Reviving Yick Wo in the Martinez-Fuerte Context. (already submitted)