There are four blocks to my year’s writing schedule: July 20th – September 9th, which is the end of the first week of fall classes; September 10th – December 31st; January 1st – May 12th, which takes us to the end of the school year; and May 13th – July 20th, the home stretch.

7/20/06 – 9/9/06: 66 pages. Completed!

Here is the schedule for the Fall block:

Week of 9/10 – Week of 10/15: 5 pages a week (6 weeks)

Week of 10/22: 10 pages and a read-through of everything so far, including my first chance to fix some of the giant continuity holes and crazy pacing problems I have created thus far. This is “fly-out week,” when they cancel all classes so 2Ls can go to callbacks with firms, but I won’t be going on any, so I have extra clinic and writing and husband time. Hey, cool.

Week of 10/29 – Week of 11/12: 5 pages a week (3 weeks)

Week of 11/19 – Week of 12/3: 4 pages a week (3 weeks). Thanksgiving break and the end of the semester will start to crunch my time, but I need to keep my fingers moving. Can’t study ALL the time.

12/10 – 12/31: 8 pages. This is basically a “break” period for my two finals, paper, and winter break in New York City, but no three-week break should be totally novel-free, so I’m putting in a minimal page requirement and am hoping to actually do a lot more.

Total Fall Block: 75 pages

Total 7/20 – 12/31: 141 pages


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